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In this review, I am looking at a product called 'My Freelance Paycheck'. This service was created by Laura Pennington and it is a training module on how to become a freelance writer.

The sales page promises that you will be making easy weekly pay cheques by following some simple and easy to understand guidelines that they set out in the training material.

This will allow you to easily find writing jobs for blogs, online publications, magazines and so on.

I have written this review, based on my own opinion after I purchased and used this training material.

The following is my opinion about this service and I will tell you if I think you should spend money on it. Is it really as easy as Laura claims to become a full-time freelancer?

Will you earn money as quickly as the sales page promises and is it as easy to find clients, jobs, and make a continuous income online.

My Freelance Paycheck review

My Personal Experience

When I first signed up to freelance paycheck, I very quickly saw what this product was about. Essentially, what you are paying for here, is information you can find online for free but in this case, it has been assembled in a nice easy to understand step-by-step tutorial.

You are given a tutorial eBook, an audiobook and also a series of training videos.  

What I like about this, so far, is that the information you're paying for here is not the sources of finding jobs it is the tips and tricks you learn about:

  • Importance of quality content
  • writing for customer experience and value
  • time management and organisation
  • writing small small copy orders quickly
  • writing styles and long form articles
  • Researching and adaptability
  • interacting with the clients
  • marketing yourself
  • maintaining a workflow
  • how to present yourself
  • how to make more money
  • and so on…

I like the fact that the training gives some very good common sense advice, which you will probably not be aware of, and you will avoid making some very embarrassing mistakes by following this training.

However, I would say this, do not expect to make $1,000 a week working as a freelancer - at least not at the start. Being a writer is like any other business it takes time to build up a clientele base, with positive reviews, relationships and building a reputation for yourself.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee with this product as well, which is awesome!

There is only one big negative that I would like to point out, which does not affect the product itself, but I find very annoying.

my freelance paycheck 1 negative comments

A very sneaky sales tactic!

When you buy the product, at the checkout, you are given a very sneaky option of selecting an optional add-on to your purchase.

This is optional add-on even though it says it is free will cost you another $37 per month if you leave it checked. If you read the small print below the checkout form you will see what I mean, and make sure you uncheck it in order to stop any future charges.

This kind of sales tactic is quite common and I do find it very sneaky and discouraging, however as I said, this does not change the quality of the training and do not let this cast a shadow over your experience.

Is The Training Any Good?

The video training is short sweet and to the point, while the PDF booklet is long and detailed and contains everything you need to know.

Obviously, you only paid $45 for the products so you cannot expect too much.

My Freelance Paycheck training

Training Examples From 'My Freelance Paycheck'

The Video Training

The training videos provided give you some great insight into what aspects of the freelancing lifestyle you need to look out for. You're given some great tips on how to manage your time and how to choose the jobs that fit you best. Videos including:

  • Benefits Of Being A Freelance Writer
  • Setting Goals For Your Freelance Career
  • Why Freelance Writing
  • What You Need To Land Clients
  • Creating An Ideal Client Avatar
  • Where To Find Freelance Clients
  • Your Marketing Plan
  • The Power of Saying No
  • Easily Onboarding Clients
  • Interacting With Clients
  • Setting Your Rate
  • Who This Is For
  • Vetting Clients

More importantly, the training talks about the importance of writing quality content which is valuable and engaging to the audience, which is what clients want. You are also taught how to setup parameters before accepting a job in order to save any problems with potential clients.

The video tutorials, even though they are quite short, do give you a very good and solid introduction to the freelancer lifestyle and I think anybody who has no prior knowledge of this niche will benefit from the training.

Eager to start? You can start writing for companies like HireWriters within a few hours.

The PDF Guide Book

The PDF Guidebook from 'My Freelance Paycheck' is 156 pages long and covers everything in much greater detail. Obviously, I will not divulge any information with regards to the source of jobs or the job listing websites, but I can tell you that the training material covers areas such as:

  • which job listing databases to use
  • how to choose a good job with future prospects
  • how to evaluate your own writing Talent
  • smaller projects vs Big projects
  • how to get your first client
  • making content easy to read
  • how to create writing samples
  • how to identify your ideal client and how to build a relationship with them
  • how to avoid bad clients
  • Marketing Tactics to increase your exposure
  • And much more

The PDF guide book gives you a good impression on how to approach the whole concept of becoming a full-time writer. You are given some good tips on what to avoid, what to capitalise on and some common sense rules about the niche itself.

On a personal note, I believe the training is reasonable and as I said before anyone with no prior knowledge will definitely get very valuable information from this training.

My Freelance Paycheck hyped claims 2

Is My Freelance PayCheck Worth The Money?

This very much depends on your prior skill level. I think if you have ever had any experience before writing as a freelancer, for a blog or perhaps for an old employer, then you probably will not benefit that much from this. Never the less, the product is very cheap so you could still buy it and learn a little bit more about the subject.

On the flip side, if you are a complete beginner, then I would highly recommend this service because you will get a very solid introduction to what it takes to make it as a freelancer online.

My Freelance Paycheck hyped claims

Quite exaggerated, in my opinion.

Will You Make Money?

This is the tricky part. Regardless of what you do, to try make money online, it will always take time.

I do feel the sales page is a bit misleading when it says you can be making thousands of dollars a month because this will be unattainable for most people within the first 3 to 6 months.

This is because it takes a while to build up the reputation and to secure a recurring income. Also don't forget there is a lot of competition out there, from cheaper sources such as the Philippines and big agencies.

I have personally used outsourcing platforms and, when I post a job listing, I have always been flooded with dozens of applications. Although if you apply the principles taught within the freelance paycheck training you will definitely stand out from the crowd and you will increase your chances of being hired.

Just make sure you enter this job sector with realistic expectations. If you work hard you will succeed, if give up at the first hurdle then you have no chance.

Overall, based on the findings of my review I would highly recommend 'My Freelance Paycheck' both based on the price tag and the fact that the instructional content is good, up to date and you will get some benefit from it.


...use this link and get a 60 day money back guarantee!

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