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In this review, I'm looking at a new product called 'Ignition' which is created by Branden Pierce and Brendan Mace.

This service promises to show you a method to earn money online in a newbie friendly way. The following review is based on my personal opinion and I base my opinion on the fact that I buy and test the product so I can tell you if you are going to make money using this method.

I am very familiar with Brendan Mace's products because he is a prolific product producer. He releases products all year, multiple times a year, and he is one of the better affiliate marketers out there even though he does use tactics and methods I do not agree with. 

However, as always, I'm very weary when there is any mention of automated profits and easy money as this is usually a big warning sign that the product is below par.

What Is Ignition?

This service shows you quite a cool way to make money online in a beginner friendly way. Obviously, I can't tell you what the method is, but I can guarantee you that compared to most other ways, such as dropshipping, blogging or freelancing, it is much quicker and simpler to start.

All you needs some very basic equipment, some cheap software and you can start the whole process for less than $100.

The idea is that you use this strategy and create product reviews for Internet Marketing products. If someone buys a product through your affiliate link you get paid a commission. The great thing about these types of methods is that you can do it from anywhere and you can earn money even when you sleep.

However, the claims they make in the sales video are pretty exaggerated.

ignition overhyped proof

Over hyped proof! 

Is The Training Any Good?

The training itself is quite thorough and will give you a very good overview of what you have to do. The actual method itself is particularly good and Branden teaches you to a good standard on how to monetize and ensure long-term success using this method.

You are also taught about the principles of upselling to your visitors and how to capture email leads in order to retarget them again and again. You are given many examples of how to do this including email templates and some other useful resources.

Branden continues on to draw out a brainstorming map of how the whole process works from your initial contact with your visitor to making sales and the strategy behind the sales funnels and future sales.

You are also shown how to combine multiple methods of free giveaways, social media and email marketing to speed up and to multiply your earnings.

Obviously, you do get what you pay for, so don't expect too much here. However, given the fact that the front end product is under $15, you cannot complain too much about that. The value for money here is pretty darn good.

Creators of ignition - branden pierce - brendan mace - dalton scott

Creator of Ignition

Will You Make Money With This Method?

Will you make money using this method? To be honest, most of you probably won't.

This is not because of ‘Ignition’, but purely down to the failure rate of anyone who tries affiliate marketing. People always assume that it is quick and easy money, when in truth, it is quite a long and drawn out affair.

If you implemented this strategy you would probably not see a great deal of money for the first two to four months. This is because most people have a busy life, they do not have 10 hours per day to sit and implement the strategy.

If you only have a few hours available in the evenings then you have to accept that making money online, regardless of the method to choose, will take some time.

That is why, if you choose to buy ‘Ignition’, you'll have to accept that even with good training it will still take time.

Nevertheless, if you have the right attitude, then this will not stop you from succeeding. Success is taken and made not given, that is the difference between someone who succeeds and the person who sulks and blames other people.

Ignition Main Training

A few of the training modules you get inside

Why Did I give a low rating?

The main reason I have given this product a low rating is because of the end monetization methods they recommend. Brendan Mace and Branden Pierce recommend that you use this method to promote other affiliate marketing products, most of which will be very poor quality.

This means you are going to be selling services and products which will actually cost people money and you will be actively engaged in making people lose their hard earned money, which I do not agree with.

Even though the training is very good I feel they can use it to promote an end product which is better and will actually help people make money.

This is proven by Branden's own YouTube page where he promotes other affiliate marketing products, which I have personally reviewed, and they are absolutely terrible. Nevertheless, Branden recommends them as if they are going to help you make money online. Obviously he is allowed to promote anything he wants, that's his choice, but I don't understand why he would want to promote useless products just for a commission...

These products are Commission Dragon and Push Button eCom software - both of which are incredibly low quality, as you can see from my reviews.

Would you feel comfortable promoting a product which deep down you knew would not help anyone and would actually cause a lot of heartache and embarrassment for the people who bought it?

Would I Recommend Ignition?

I would only recommend buying Ignition to learn the monetization method they teach, but I would not recommend promoting the products they suggest. Use this method to promote good, valuable and helpful products and services, not the low quality garbage they promote.

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