In this review, I am talking about Social Sale Rep and I will be discussing if this product will help you make money online using social media.

This service connects top rated vendors with promoters who use social media to promote their chosen products. 

What is inside my bonus!??

When you buy Social Sale Rep through my link you get my custom bonus. It is a 30 minute walkthrough of how YOU can make money using this method for FREE.

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There is also an integrated viral mechanism inside the tools available to encourage these products to go viral.

This product is suited for an influencer, someone who has a large social following or perhaps a large email list. You can give away free material, with affiliate links inside and earn commissions.

However, if you have no reach, social influence or even a readership to your blog then this is not for you - unless you use the bonus I provide along with this purchase!

So, let me show you inside the members area and I will show you what to expect when you join The following is based on my opinion and personal experience using this product.

How Does It Work?

The concept is simple. You give away free information, in this case in the form of a free eBook, which contain valuable information and there is an affiliate link inside to a relevant product.

Within the members area you are given eBooks based on the categories listed in this image. These are all eBooks with information related to certain niches or products, such as Education, Business, etc.

The purpose of this platform is to give these eBooks away for free to your social following and within the eBook there is an affiliate link.

Let me give you an example;

Let us say you have a following interested in blogging. You go into the 'E-business and E-marketing' section and find an eBook about blogging and rebrand it with your affiliate link.

You then post this to your following, they download it and some of them will click on the link inside which takes them to a product sales page.

Simple. easy and straightforward.

The best thing is that you give away these books for free so they are easy to spread around the Internet.

I have reviewed a product before, which is very similar to this one, called Auto Affiliate Programme by Steven Hall, so this is not a new concept.

A system like Social Sale Rep does work in theory but I do have some reservations about it and would like to point a few of these out to you.

Products Social sale rep Members

My Personal Feelings About Social Sale Rep

I must admit I love the concept and the idea behind this method. It is simple, clear and so easy to do. But, I there a few things that spoil it for me. 

At this point, I would like to mention that these feelings are based on my niche 'make money online'. By this I mean that the products, within the eBooks, that are available to promote within my niche are not the best, hence I cannot use this service.

I cannot give my opinion about any other niches as I have not tried any of the products promoted in the other categories, such as 'cooking' or self-help', for example. I will show you what I mean now. 

If you are unsure what I mean then please watch video at the top of post. I explain it there.

What I Did Not Like

The Products:

These are some of the products that are available in my niche - 'affiliate marketing/make money online' and I have actually reviewed these three products already.

I have personally tried, tested and reviewed these and they are not good products. I did not give them good reviews so why would I want to promote them to my readers or social following?

So, with this in mind, you need to perform some due diligence on your part when choosing a product to promote.

E business and E marketing niches

Take Cashblurbs, for example. Had I promoted that eBook, to try and earn commissions, I would be sending a very poor quality product (which I endorse when I share on social media) to my readers. Imagine the horror of losing loyal fans after they discover they have been ripped off by Cashblurbs.

The eBooks Themselves:

I had a look inside the eBook which promoted Patric Chan's Blogging Guru. Unfortunately, it is not very good. I realise that the content is FREE, so no one should really complain, but they can complain when the advice given inside is outdated and incorrect.

Inside it says; 'Blog posts can be short, as short as 300 to 250 words'...

...which is terrible advice for a blogger! And it goes on to mention 'MySpace' as a great place to share your content and network. MySpace is by no means dead, despite popular belief, but it does indicate that this eBook is very outdated.

There is no mention of Pinterest, Reddit or Instagram which, again, indicated the date of this eBook.

What Does This Mean?

This shows you need to be very careful about which products you decide to promote. Perhaps the author should take a bit more time when choosing which products to index in his database as available promotions because this also reflects badly on Social Sale Rep.


The training is thorough and serves its purpose. The method behind this product is incredibly simple so the training is very short, sweet and to the point.

Which is just as it should be because there really is not much to cover with such a simple, and easy to understand method of monetizing your social platforms.

You are shown how to rebrand your eBooks and the different ways you can access them.

You can download them, share them with a URL that is hosted within the members area, so you don't have to buy hosting, or you can send people to a special page where they can download the eBooks themselves, but they have to share it first to unlock it.

Training Socialsalerep Members

Is this method legitimate?

Absolutely. There is nothing dodgy, iffy or illegal going on with this product. Everything is above board and there is no chance of getting ripped off here. 

The ONLY THING I would be careful with is the product that is being promoted inside the eBooks. They are third party products and unless you actually test them, you have no idea what they are like. Some of them, are not 100%, as I discussed earlier in this post.

Will You Make Money?

Yes, if you have a large following then you will make some money with this system. It will take some time and the CTR on these books won't be high, but eventually it will filter through and some sales will appear.

Just remember that when you share something on social media, your brand, face and name is behind it so be 100% sure the product that is being promoted inside the eBook is legit, honest and valuable. Otherwise you are doing yourself a disservice.

However, if you are just starting out and only have a few thousand followers with low interaction rate, then this won't help you. You do need a large email list, social media presence or website traffic to make an impact with a service like this.

That is why I created the bonus to accompany this product so you can get the most out of it.

What about you? Have you used this service before? Please do leave a comment below and let us all know how you got on.

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