About a year ago, I wrote a review about Betting Gods and their UK horse racing tipsters.

This is a follow up blog post to summarise the tipsters I mentioned in that posts and to see which of them stood the test of time and are still active one year later.

betting gods

Analysing data like this is interesting because it allows anyone who is sceptical to see the long term sustainability of following tipsters, as long as you know how to choose the right one!

Hopefully this article will shed some light on how to pick a profitable tipster from Betting Gods.

Who Is Still Active & Key Stats!

This table shows which tipsters are still active 11 months after my initial review. 5 out of the 19 tipsters folded due to either loss of profit or personal reasons.

This table may not look great BUT, when you look at the long term picture, (which you should be if you are investing in tipsters) then these figures are very interesting.

January 2017

Still Active In December 2017?

Profit Between
Jan/Dec 2017

Profit After 11 x Monthly Subscription Fee

Big Race Bookie Busters




Cudworth's Racing Lays




Flat Racing Masters




Golf Betting Expert




High Rollers Betting




Low Hanging Profits




Masters Racing Tipster




Max Racing Partnership




Premier Greyhound Tips




Pro Footy Tips




QF Value Tips




Quentin Franks Racing




The Each Way King




The Football Formula




The Football Guru




The Sports Guru




Tom Nelson Racing




Top Form Racing




Value Racing Tips




Total Profits



Why These Stats Look Worse Than They Are

If you commit to investing in horse racing you need to look at the long term picture. Once you find a reliable and successful tipster, think of it as investing with a slow, but steady, return on investment and not, "I need to make £500 in 6 weeks!"

Almost all the tipsters available have a monthly profit of over £110 p/month, some even in the £300's. There are not many places where you can expect to get a 11%+ return, PER MONTH, on an initial £1,000 bank investment.

Especially when you don't actually need the full £1,000 in the first place because you are using £10 stakes.

That is why these stats may look worse than they actually are because you have to put them into perspective against what you are investing.

Are there other methods which can expect this kind of ROI, sure, but none will be such low risk. You could try trading on Betfair, for example, but this method heavily relies on your own performance as a trader.

You have to think long term:

You have to think at least 2 years down the line, because that is where the profit comes. Some of the tipster here have increased their bank by over £10,000 in just 2/3 years. This is an incredible ROI and if you look at their selections and staking routine it is stable, sensible and reliable.

This is a real example: 

Tipster = Golf Betting Expert

This tipsters' worst losing run started on the 31st March 2016 and didn't end until 30th June 2016. He/she endured a 3 month consecutive losing streak, and lost over £1,300 of their bank in the process. 

Brutal, right! Three months!

Golf Betting Expert The Unrivalled Tipster for Golf Betting Tips

But, here is the kicker. In the 3 month prior to this losing run the profit was £2,933.80 (plus the initial £500 bank).

So, even after a horrific losing run, lasting 3 months, you would still have had a £1.588 profit (plus your initial £500) bank!

Fast forward to today, this tipster has a bank of almost £10,000. Not bad from a £500 investment which never even left your bank account, right?

The only way you would have lost money here would be if you were unfortunate enough to join this service at the start of the losing streak. I would say that the chances of someone joining at the exact initial 14 day stretch, out of 700+ days, is slim.

But you can see from this example that you have to have a cool head and trust the tipsters. Accept that there is a risk involved but in terms of the amount of money you are exposing to risk, it is minimal for the return you can get.

How many of you would have stopped using this tipster after the second month?

If you look through all the other tipsters you will find they ALL have losing runs of some sort, some longer than others, but they all bounce back. If they do not, Darren at Betting Gods, will cut the service before you lose too much of your profits.

It is vital that you stick with the tipsters selections, regardless of your personal feelings. If you deviate from the selections you are sent because you "have a bad feeling" or your "wife doesn't think the horse's name is funny" then you are not going to see success here.

What Happened To The 5 Losing Tipsters?

From the table at the top of this article, you can see that five tipsters have been cut from the Betting Gods portfolio, since January 2017. 

  • Cudworth's Racing Lays
  • High Rollers Betting
  • Low Hanging Profits
  • Tom Nelson Racing
  • Top Form Racing

The reason they were removed, I did not know. I could only assume they stopped producing profit. So, I email the support to see if they could help.

I got a reply from the director of Betting Gods:

An Interview with Betting Gods Founder Darren Moore

Darren Moore - Director
betting gods

Although not an 'exact science' in terms of points or bank percentage, if a tipster reaches three consecutive losing months we do stop promoting him/her. The same applies if over an extended period a tipster has made no gains to his/her bank account we will close the service.

Essentially we have a duty to protect members investments and this is the reason for making these decisions.

Obviously it goes without saying that members will be refunded or transferred to another service of their choice.

Hope this helps,

Darren Moore 


How To Avoid Losing Tipsters?

At the end of the day, there is no way to know if a tipster will produce a profit but you CAN make an educated selection. Your most vulnerable time would be the first 3 months when you first join because you have no buffer. All you have is your initial bank and no profit to play with.

Let me give you some pointers on how to avoid picking a losing tipster. On the surface they may seem fine but there are some signs you can use to predict a volatile or potentially unreliable tipster.

Please note this is my personal opinion. We all have different styles of investing and I am simply telling you the way I would chose to a tipster. Do not take this following advice as gospel, a tactic or strategy - simply a shared opinion.

Volatile Results & Irregular Betting Patterns

One thing to look out for is volatile results.

  • Do the profits go up and down like a bouncy ball?
  • Are the staking amounts consistent?

These are two important questions because they can tell you about the type of tipster you are dealing with. They might still be profitable but the journey will be bumpy and potentially risky.

SB Racing Tips   The Racing Fan s Tipster

Example of volatile results

As you can see from the image above: These are the types of tipsters I would try and avoid. Notice the amount of money being lost on the losing streaks, they are huge and have occured 4 times in the first 9 months.

This tipster (SB Racing) does not have a long track record and there is no reason at this point to trust him/her enough to commit your hard earned money with their selection. But that is just my opinion.

A common strategy is to raise your stakes when you start losing to try and recover the losing bets when a winner lands. This will lead to volatile results because if you hit a long losing streak, your losses increase at double speed.

I would highly recommend you look at the itemised results in the excel sheets provided with each tipster so you can have a close look at the betting pattern and staking amounts.

What if that winner does not come?

You will also notice that the tipster above has not been with Betting Gods for very long. Personally, I would not be placing any bets with any tipster until they have at least one year's track record. That way you can assess who suits you best. We all have different styles of investing. 

Max Racing Partnership The Selective Horse Racing Tipster

Nice and steady increase. No dramatics.

This image above is an example of a tipster you would want to subscribe to. Nice, and steady increase with minimal losing runs.

There are no dramatic increases, or drops in profit. The biggest losing run here is about £400 over two months, followed by steady increase in profits.

Long Track Record

Ideally you want to to follow a tipster with a steady and increasing graph, such as the one below to the right. You want profits to be as smooth as possible because this means the staking plan the tipster is using is sensible and controlled.

More erratic charts, such as the one to the right, tend to be more aggressive tipsters who have a more varied and pushy staking plan. This results in a bouncy profit line. In my opinion, even though this is also profitable, I just feel safer when I look at the smooth line to the right, as opposed to the wavy and irregular chart on the left.

Which one do you prefer? Which one would you be most comfortable investing in, even if they both ended up with the same ROI? Leave a comment in the comments area!

Robert Fraser s Racing Tips erratic
Pinnacle Racing Tips Smooth

Why Are The Monthly Subscriptions So HIGH?

The monthly subscription fees are quite high, however this is for good reason. If you browse through the portfolio and look at the stats and past results you will see a pattern.

The most expensive tipsters are the ones with the longest track record of profit, but not only that, they also have a stable graph.

Their ROI is slow and steady and reliable. For example;

If you take a look at Master Racing Tipster & Quentin Franks Racing you will see that their graphs are very smooth. Their longest losing runs only amounted to about £200/£400, maximum, which is very low!

This shows that they are incredibly reliable tipsters, and most importantly, profitable!

This is why their monthly subscriptions are so high. You are paying for reliability!

How To Make More Profit

There are a couple of simple ways you can drastically increase your profits. Both of them will have some downsides, which I will cover now.

Increase Your Stakes

One simple way to increase your profit is to increase your staking amount. This is quite self explanatory, to be honest.

All the Betting Gods tipsters use a flat £10.00 staking amount per point. In other words if you increase your staking amount to £30.00 then you would treble your profits.

However, you would also treble your equivalent losing streak, when it comes, and it will come! I would recommend you have at least, at least, 3.5x the original bank amount before you increase your staking amount.

Most importantly at this point, follow the tipsters selections to the letter. Do not place your own bets and do not mix your betting bank with your own personal bets.

Pay The One Off, Lifetime Membership.

As discussed, this is a long term investment. You do not need to be a genius to work out that if you paid the initial fee for a lifetime membership, you would make your money back very, very quickly.

The Unrivalled Tipster for Golf Betting Tips

Assuming you did not increase your stakes then you would be 'fee, free' within 12 months and, from there on, be an extra £49.99 better off every month (or whatever your tipsters fee is).

Or if you double your staking amount to £20 per point, you would work this off in only 6 months!


If you have money and want to think ahead, you could buy a lifetime membership for a "newbie" tipster before his subscription cost rises. Will save you about £450 in the long run.

Personally, I would only commit to a lifetime membership if the tipster has a very stable and steady betting record. Any tipster with sharp downward losing streaks and prolonged losing stretches may be taking a few more risks.

I would want to know that my investment had a steady head behind it, placing sensible and level headed bets.

How Many New Tipsters Are There?

Here are two list of all the tipster in the Betting Gods portfolio. The image to the left is from January 2017 and on the right, December 2017. Click on them to take a closer look at their strike rate, ROI and monthly costs!

Sports covered:

  • Horse Racing
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Greyhounds
  • Boxing
  • Basketball
Compare our Tipsters Betting Gods

Click To Enlarge (January 2017)

At the time of posting this post, December 2017, there are a total of 26 tipsters, compared with 19 in January.

Compare our Tipsters

Click To Enlarge (December 2017)

My Feeling About The Tipsters At Betting Gods

Over the past year I have kept an eye on this service and I have to admit I am impressed. At the end of the day it is investing, some people will look at this as gambling, but I think it is investing.

You are not gambling here because you are emotionally unattached. You are not doing any thinking of your own but simply following advice. The tipsters have a proven track record and the results are honest and accurate.

There will always be risks attached but that is the case of all make money online methods. Even for more "risk free" ventures such as blogging or working freelance. You still need to pay for things in order to make money such as, web hosting, courses, equipment, etc. 

Why is investing in horse racing tipsters any different?

What do you think? Have you used Betting Gods before? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below!

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