In this review, I will show you inside the members area of a brand new product called Profit With Alex. The website is and is created by a guy called Alex and the training is shown by Luke.

This product is supposed to make it easy for you to create an affiliate store with Ebay and Amazon in order to cash in on their lucrative affiliate programs.

You are shown how easy it is to build a niche affiliate website with just a few clicks and the software inside Profit With Alex builds the entire website for you in seconds!

This review is based on my personal experience and opinions when I used the training and tested the software for myself.

Will this service really produce a profitable and simple to use affiliate superstore? I think not, and I will justify my opinion in this video and blog post.

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My Personal Experience

The sales video for Profit With Alex is very hyped up and incredible cheesy, The author shows screenshots of his bank account with millions of dollars in it and it is a psychological mind trick where the video continuously tells you how rich you will be and how easy it is and so on... 

Once I joined and sat through the very short training videos I can see quite clearly what this is. 

Profit With Alex

How Does It Work?

The system is simple. You set up a website with some products on it and when someone comes to your website and clicks to buy a product they are taken to Ebay or Amazon. Then when that person buys the product you get a commission.

There is a very easy to use software for this which streamlines the whole process which means anyone can use it. You can create a whole website in minutes without knowing any coding, HTML, web design skills or anything, you just click a couple of buttons.

The software consists of a few steps:

  • You choose your product and frequency of product updates.
  • You choose the name of your store and set up some basic SEO and description options.
  • You set up your Ebay affiliate information so your site will be tagged with your affiliate ID and choose a domain name.
  • and that is it! Your website is live!

Then you simply drive traffic to your website and sit back and wait for your commissions to come in.

The Traffic Methods

Blog Commenting

This training video shows you how to find blog posts with relevant niche products so you can leave comments on product pages. The idea is that you write a short comment with a link to your website, hoping that people will click on this link and buy something from your website.

This is not a very good idea because not only is your comment very unlikely to make it past the moderator, it is also incredibly time consuming, and you will also have to post literally thousands of these comments to get any traffic at all.

The video is only 3 minutes long and is not really very informative. A complete beginner would be lost and probably end up wasting a lot of time.

Forum Marketing

In this video, Luke shows you how to do a similar kind of method but on forums. Luke shows you how to find a forum which is within your niche and then he proceeds identify what a quality forum looks like. You need to make sure the forum is worth your time posting on before you spend time on it.

You are taught what to write on your forum profile and how to connect with other members and how to integrate yourself in the community.

Once again, this is a case of spamming a forum with your links to your products on your website. The idea is that you find relevant threads and discussions and then contribute to this discussion and then putting in links to your products.

As I said before this is a very thin and low quality way of getting traffic. Will you get traffic, sure, but its not organic and you need a HUGE amount to make any sales.

Also, as soon as the moderators see what you are doing they will ban your account unless you contribute a lot of comments on a 1/3 comments with link/without links ratio because no forum will allow you to post links to the same website in every forum post.

This means you will spend a very long time writing comments and talking to people and it probably will not be worth your time. This post will explain why posting links for money is not worth your time.

Traffic method profit with alex

Facebook Groups

I think you are seeing the pattern by now. The Facebook training is the same as the other two traffic methods. You go on Facebook and you find groups within your niche and you start posting comments with links to your products.

Again, yes this will get you some traffic, but you will have to post all day in order to keep your comments fresh. Think about it, as soon as you post, your post slips down the timeline and no one will see it in a few minutes/hours.

This method will produce traffic but once again, unless you are posting ALL day you will not be able to have any sustained traffic because the traffic will try up within hours.

There Are Some things Missing!

I couldn't help but notice that in the sales video there was talk of some secret traffic method which was going to drive traffic to your website. The author in the sales video is clear about this and said you just pressed a button and traffic would pour in to your website.

The traffic method was called Xtreme Traffic Accelerator but it is NOT included in the final product.

I cannot see any button like this when I create my site....

There was also a feature in the sales video called Automated Product Analysis, which is NOT included in this membership area. This feature was supposed to show you which products were best sellers and you could analyse the competition and potential search volume.

Profit With Alex Review missing features

These features are in the sales video but not in the actual product!

The Problem With The Website Which Is Created

The software itself is very easy to use but the website which it produces has some very obvious flaws.

You Don't Host Your Own Website

When you create your website using the software, you do not host the website. This is a huge problem because this means you do not control your own content. If the guys who created Profit With Alex stop paying their hosting fees then you lose your site! 

You Can't Edit The Theme or Settings

You have no access to the control panel for your own website so you cannot change anything. You cannot change:

  • the theme
  • colours
  • layout
  • font size or colour
  • edit the content
  • and so on...

You have no control over your website at all.

The Affiliate Links Are Not Geo-Targeted.

One thing I noticed when I clicked on my link in the demo website is that I get sent to the US Ebay but I am based in the UK. This leads me to believe that perhaps the affiliate links are not geo-targeted. However, I do know that the demo sites do not have the affiliate links branded so it may be different when you use a live site - at least I hope so!

You Have No Control Over Products

You cannot edit or change the products that are added. You simply have to accept whatever products the software adds automatically. This is not ideal because you may see products that you do not want to sell. Again, you have no control.

These Websites Have Zero SEO Value

The training tells you that the links you post on blog comments and forums will help your website build an SEO authority. This simply is not true.

A website like this, with automated product placements, will never get any significant Google rankings. Sure you may get lucky and get a brand new product indexed before someone else but it is unlikely. 

This comes back to the original issue that you cannot edit any of the products you add. So how are you supposed to add SEO content or try and rank anything when you can edit the website?

What are other people saying?

You can see that other people are also giving this product a negative review. 

Grace, from, wrote in her review..."Building a site like that will also get you banned from Amazon as you can’t just swipe their content and pull them on your own site unless it’s all coded directly from Amazon."

Miren, from, mentioned..."They don’t explain how that “Xtreme Traffic Accelerator” works. Where does it get traffic from? Is it targeted traffic? This is very important to know as if nobody who visits your site is interested in what you’re selling, it doesn’t matter the amount of traffic your website gets."

Will You Make Money?

With the content inside the members area, at the time of writing this review, you will NOT make money. Simply creating a website with some automatically added products will not bring in any organic traffic or conversions.

The training does not mention any form of paid traffic or traffic generation methods which hold any true value.

There are missing features which were promised in the sales video and this is clearly an incomplete product. It is my honest opinion that Profit With Alex should be avoided because it is a low quality product and it fails to deliver what it promised in the sales pitch. At least that is how I experienced it when I used this service.

Want to make money online in an honest and organic way? Then check this out!

Have you had any experience using this service? Please do leave a comment and share your opinion.

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  1. thanks for the article phillip,
    the name “profit with alex” doesn’t even sound like a legit product to me.
    I typed in profit with alex to google and was surprised by the amount of varied feedback. some were good, some were bad. Everyone seemed to have a different opinion but if you look a little harder you can see which ones are paid reviews (or dodgey reviews) and which ones were legit.
    the giveaway for me is the insane amounts of popups coming from some of these dodgey reviews.
    cheers phillip.
    feel free to poop some cash my way anytime you want 🙂

    1. Yes there are a lot of bogus reviews about Profit With Alex. The easy answer to this problem is the commissions. By promoting low quality products these affiliate get paid a very handsome reward.

      As I have shown in my review, PWA, does not really deliver the promises it makes in the sales video. The websites it creates are mass produced and duplicated. They hold virtually no SEO relevance and you cannot edit the content.

      Therefore there is no purpose in this training program because you cannot make money without traffic because there are no customers to convert. Who are you supposed to sell these Amazon products to when there is no one browsing your website?

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  2. At first I was excited, I thought I found a way to make free easy money! Bummer it is too good to be true.
    I almost closed the window, then I saw your link at the bottome about how I can learn affiliate marketing, and I was “Party Back On”
    How long does that take to learn? Is there any real money in thatt?

    1. The link at the bottom takes you to my homepage. I can show you how to build your own website which gradually bring in a monthly income. You can blog about anything you want, but I suggest writing about something you are passionate about. Click the link to find out more.

  3. Hi Phillip.
    Thanks for the informative review. I just clicked on the link you included to Profit With Alex. It went to a message page stating that I was to late and Alex was sold out. It sounds like the only one profiting from this was Alex. I am sure he will me back under a new name and equally useless product. Affiliate marketing gets a bad rep because of all of the people that think the way to do this is to randomly drop links all over the place. Thank you for directing people to a program that will teach them affiliate marketing the correct way.

    1. No problem, happy to be of help!

      The main issue with affiliate marketing products like this is that they always promise way too much. You can almost immediately tell when you work through the training that it is so thin and worthless. 

      Whenever I get asked by beginners about Internet Marketing schemes like this I always say the same thing:

      “If you discovered a clever way to make $10,000 per week online… would you really sell this idea for only $47 and in the process – double your own workload, saturate your own market, open yourself up to complaints and criticism from users….etc.etc”

      The simple answer is, no, you would not. You would simply enjoy your digital nomad lifestyle. You would not create more work and lower your own profits.

      Services like Profit With Alex pray on your greed and inexperience. Once you pay and you get inside the members area they give you very thin training just to justify the price of the service, and that is all. Nothing else. 

      The product hold no value and you will most certainly not make any money.

  4. Thanks for the informative article. There are so many shady get rich schemes out there these days it’s tough to sort through them. Because of sites like yours people can avoid these types of programs if they bother to look around before they buy.

    Thanks for helping out with my research. I check online before buying anything these days. Saved me a lot of trouble and money.

    Thanks again Philip!

  5. This is a well constructed review. I like your video – it helps to see a visual of the process involved.

    The moment a marketer feels the need to show me their bank account, the alarm bells ring. At that point in the sales video, I would probably leave. I agree, it’s an emotional ploy and hype.

    As to the secret traffic generator that you did not see, I bet that comes later with a big up-sell. I’ve tried several automated traffic generators and none of them work. Some will draw in traffic but the quality is poor and does not convert.

    Forum posting, blog commenting and social media have a place for networking, building relationships and sharing information. It is usually obvious when someone is there only to promote. The community quickly catches on and ignores them.

    I enjoyed reading the review. Thank you for providing us with this valuable information ~Jude

    1. Hi, Jude!

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I agree, products like this are hyped and low quality.

      The thing that surprised me was the traffic method they chose to produce leads and sales. Using blog commenting and forum posting almost belong to a different generation. I mean, when was the last time a blogger accepted a comment which was blatantly promoting a promotional link?

      More to the point, the volume of visitors who actually read the comments are not that many and even fewer would actually click on the links so the person who uses this method would have to leave an awful lot of comments in order to generate any clicks at all.

      It baffles me, it really does.

      I feel sorry for inexperienced affiliate marketers who buy products like these, I did the same once or twice before I learned not to trust misleading sales pages.

      I recently reviewed another ecom product which promises huge profits for no work, will there be no end to thse types of product releases?

  6. Thanks so much for your honest review. There are so many get rich quick schemes out there that charge you for their services but then never deliver any kind of results. I especially think the fact that you cannot edit your own website template or have control over your products is really shady. 

    1. I agree. It seems odd that products like these are made with such narrow scope for growth. It really begs the question: “Did they make this product purely to make easy money?”. I mean, their refund rate must be through the roof?

      It seems to me that they could have spend more time on it and developed it more to create a genuinely honest and helpful service. 

  7. oh man it always makes me suspicious when people do cheesy videos and start showing you all the money they are making. It just screams scammy to me.

    Thanks for your thorough review, sounds something another product promising the moon but one that we should all stay well clear off! Thanks for spreading the word!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, it means a lot to me.

      Digital products like this tend to target the inexperienced. These are the less fortunate people who have never made money online, and do not know the difference between good and bad.

      E-commerce affiliate monetization is a tricky business to get into and making a long-term profit is a struggle, even though it’s perfectly possible and many people make a full-time living from it.

      The unfortunate thing is that services like ‘Profit with Alex’ use hyped up sales figures and the allure of easy money to draw in customers.

      The truth behind affiliate marketing and earning commissions, from places like Amazon and eBay,  is that it takes time. The main issue is that your content needs to be original and valuable to the customer. Simply filling a website with products and affiliate links is not enough to rank in Google and bring in organic traffic.

      The only way you can make money with a service like ‘Profit with Alex’ would be to drive paid traffic to your website but that would not be sustainable and profitable.

  8. Definitely does not sound like a program for me.

    The traffic methods are not really a good long term way to get traffic. You would have to work very hard to get very little traffic. If this is the traffic advice the program is giving, I am definitely not interested in it. And when it also claims that blogs comments have SEO value, it truly proves that the creators are not updated.

    Not that I am planning to join, but out of curiosity what does this program then cost?


    1. I believe the cost is around $40 to join. However, it is not worth this amount. As I said in the review, and you also pointed out, the method shown is not up to date or effective.

      If you are going to put this much effort into something then you are much better of blogging or perhaps becoming a freelancer.

      Using the Profit With Alex method is very unlikely to lead to any sales or a positive ROI.

  9. Hi
    Looks like another get rich quick scheme as you have explained to us in this post. I would definitely not be joining after reading this.

    Their idea and method of getting loads of traffic just does not work and I’m glad you are getting this out to people so they don’t get sucked in. 

    1. That is the purpose of my blog. I want to help people avoid getting ripped of by services which promise too much and delivers way too little. Profit With Alex is one of the best selling products in early 2018 and it is sad to think how many people who have lost money by buying this ecom training.

      It was surprising when I saw the traffic generation method they suggest. Blog commenting, Facebook spamming and forum spamming – is this 2009? These traffic sources do exist but they have long since stopped being a functional way to create traffic to your blog.

      Facebook has changed their algorithm, a long time ago, which reduces the impressions of commercial content. They are always improving user experience and one of them was removing the effectiveness of spamming – which is the exact method taught by Profit With Alex.

      Had this been 10 years ago then that would be fine, but now? After all these algorithm updates, how can they still be selling this method?

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