How To Make Money Online In 4 weeks – Forget It!

In this post, I am going to cover a topic that I get asked about all the time – How long does it take to make money online?” – “I want to make money quick, what’s the best way?” You may be fooled by this title and think that this is a negative post, but it is quite the opposite in fact. I want to inspire you to hang in there and make your first buck online!

The Expectations

Most, if not all, people who come online, looking to make money, assume that it will happen quickly and easily. They read a lot of exaggerated articles online and in the papers about online millionaires who made their millions overnight, etc.

Newbie affiliate marketers, including myself when I first started, will fall victim to the “Make $2,000 per day” sales pitches and it will take a long time before they truly understand why their question “How To Make Money Online In 4 weeks” is never answered.

But don’t be disheartened – the answer is really quite simple. Not necessarily easy, but simple.

How To Make Money Online In 4 weeks

The Reality

The truth of the matter is, and you will hear me say this in many of my posts, making money online takes time, and it is a long term commitment.

The difference between one person who fails and one that succeeds are quite simple. Many people take the human element out of the process of making an online business because they only think about the money and how soon it will come.

You have to forget about the concept of “When will I earn money??” and focus on learning the process of giving value to your readers by knowing your niche and writing quality content.

You need to think immediately that this is a long-term business plan, not something you are “just gonna try and if it doesn’t make money then forget it” Running a business and not making money in the first 6 months is totally normal and you need to get in the mindset that creating a website takes time.

Nothing In Life Comes That Easy

Think about it, nothing else in life comes that easy. College, starting a career and getting a pay rise at work – all these things take time and turning your passion into an online business is no different.

By having the attitude of thinking short term you are cutting yourself short because you will give up and move on to the next “idea” before you have had a chance to make it work.

The problem here is that unless you change your mindset, then you will keep jumping from one thing to the next because you never give anything a chance to work. There are many programs out there which “do work”, but they won’t show results for the first few months – PATIENCE is the key!

It Is Easier Than You Think – The Irony!

The irony of this whole scenario is that creating a website that makes an income is not that hard – when you compare it to others things in life like college or chasing a stressful 9-5 office career. There really is not much to it once you learn the nitty gritty behind making a website and the technical side of it all.

You can make money online in a relatively short amount of time (roughly 6 months) with;

  • no experience what-so-ever
  • very little investment
  • with no boss or schedule
  • no irritating co-workers and stress

Why Do People Not Make Money Online

The reality is that most people give up and fail simply because they are not patient enough – NO OTHER REASON.

They have the knowledge within their niche to make a success of it, and they also have great artistic and technical knowledge of WordPress. Yet, because the first sale or commission doesn’t come within the first 2 weeks they immediately jump ship and blame the Internet for ripping them off?!

Well, that’s not the attitude to have and if you are reading this and thinking “Yeah, that sounds like me!” then you should read this post again and let everything sink in.

Make Money Online In 4 weeks

What To Take From This Little Rant?

Well, accept the fact that making money online will take some time – although, it will take a lot less time the conventional routes of job training and universities. Making a living online has it’s own challenges, but once you grasp the basics, it really isn’t that difficult. It is a lot less demanding than let’s say, a plumber or a waitress. You get to be your own boss, and the scalability is, in theory, endless!

Think of it this way. In 6 months from now; would you rather be earning $500 per month and growing? Or would you rather quit after 1 month because – “It’s not working right away, AHH!” and be broke and frustrated because nothing you try ever works?

I will leave it with you to think about. You are probably a smart enough person to see there is logic in this. Here is another post I wrote about

Here is another post I wrote about how long it takes to make money online. Make sure you check it out if you are serious about making it online!

I would love to hear your opinions and experiences on this topic, please do leave a comment below if you would like to have your say!

  • January 6, 2017

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