If their blog posts result in the direct sale or promotion of a product or service from a particular brand or organization, it results in commission based incentives. The secret is to write straightforward, honest and comprehensive reviews in a manner that it doesn’t scare away the average Joe with excessive use of technicalities and tongue twisting terms.

If this approach is maintained in the posts then it’s enough to convert the mere casual reader into a loyal follower and ultimately into a consumer for that particular product or service on which the write-up is based on.

Before we go into the intricate details of how to write reviews for money, it is of utmost priority that some key factors should be clarified for better understanding the topic.

Write Reviews for Money

The difference

The most important aspect that a writer should have in-depth knowledge about is the difference between an honest, unbiased review and straight-up advertising/promotion. Both these terms are simply a form of exposure to the media whose primary goal is to convince the public to make a decision that leads to a potential purchase. Nonetheless, at their very core, they are totally different in terms of their presentation and execution.

Advertising for promotional purpose

Advertising is a quick pitch of a particular brand, an organization about their product or service in a catchy and creative manner that ultimately leads to an action (generally a purchase). These creative presentations are conceived by marketing and advertising agencies in such a way that it represents only those aspects or features of the product that assures a potential sale.


A review, on the other hand, is a comprehensive, unbiased and honest account of a product or service that focuses mainly on the good and bad of the same. For the proper presentation of a review, one should keep in mind that it should relate to the requirements and psychology of the readers.

Tips for writing reviews that get you paid

A good reviewer is a person who is not at all related to the company, brand or organization in any possible way. If this aspect is satisfied, then the review will be an unbiased one that a potential customer can rely on.

Given below are some tips for writing a good review that leads to a potential sale and positive promotion.

Write a comprehensive account

A good review is that which leads to the point where the customer is convinced that the said product or service is the best one and provides great value for every dollar spent. The post should be presented in such a way that it covers all the aspects of the product and answers all the questions that can arise in the minds of the potential buyer.

Making use of pictures, unboxing videos and comparative accounts is advisable for reeling in the prospective customer to the product or service as much as possible.

Nothing is perfect

One universal truth that is known to everyone is that ‘Nothing is perfect.’ If the reviewer tries to pitch and position a particular product or service in such a way that it portrays the same in the ‘perfect’ light, it automatically sends a signal to the customer on the other side of the screen that something is wrong.

It may even send the sign that the reviewer is presenting a biased account of the product on behalf of the company or brand. A mistake that is more prevalent in the world of reviewing is the urge to present an overly glorified account for the product. It is beneficial in the beginning to reel in the maximum set of eyes, but in the end, it results in the loss of credibility of the writer among the audience.

The account should be balanced and represent both the negative and positive aspects of the product in such a way that room for extended arguments is limited.

Prioritize your readers

While making the final draft for your review, keep this in mind that the overall language should be lucid enough that is easy to understand even for the average Joe. If the writer is a veteran in the blogging scene then it is a known fact about the audience reaction to a certain style of writing.

Appealing to the core audience is of utmost importance which can be done only if the writer stylizes her/his writing according to the target audience. If the review covers a particular liquid cooling mechanism for high-end gaming rigs, then the target audience will be the nerds. In this case, it is advisable to format the content in such a way that it gets a little too geeky and technical that ultimately appeals to the intelligent section of the audience.

Sum up all the features

It should be kept in mind that the review will be read by two types of people. One section comprises of the individuals that would have a casual approach and would skip directly to the pros, cons and features/specifications section of the review. The other type comprises of the ones who would scour through each and every word due to their hunger for details.

It is advisable to add a quick summary section at the end of the product or service review that includes all the technicalities of the whole write-up in brief.

Affiliated links for products or services

A review is incomplete without the addition of affiliated links for the product or service on which the whole account is based upon. Adding a link at the end of the whole account makes sure that the individual reading the review has the means to quickly approach and act on their decision that leads to a purchase of the product or service.


The credibility of a reviewer is everything. This is the sole aspect that makes the accounts from that reviewer reliable and trustworthy to the masses that ultimately leads to a successful purchase.

For making the blog and review articles a success it is of utmost importance that the writer’s advice is being taken seriously by the audience. on should always keep this in mind that they should not go ahead with any particular action or content that ultimately results in the loss of credibility. If the trust of the audience is broken once, then gaining back their support is a difficult feat to achieve.

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