In this review, I am looking at a brand-new service called 'Smart Money Methods', by Mark Foster, and I am going to tell you if I think it's going to help you make money online.

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The service shows you how you can make money using Amazon, CPA offers and social media, like YouTube and Instagram, to make money online.

The sales page makes some very bold claims about how much money you can make, so I decided to buy Smart Money Methods to check if the hype was real.

The following is my personal opinion based on my experience after I purchased the front and product of the service, I did not buy any of the upsells.

I buy affiliate marketing products because I need to check them out before I write my reviews so I can give a coherent and unbiased opinion of how effective they are at delivering what they promise and whether or not the training they provide is relevant and of sound quality.

Quick summary for those in a hurry:

'Smart Money Methods' is mostly a somewhat generic PLR (private label rights) training module. There is no actionable content, and the training is very brief and generic.

I feel there is no real value here because you are given no over the shoulder training and no actionable content which means that no one is likely to implement anything from the training. Even if they did, they are unlikely to get very far because of the generic and outdated nature of the content inside the training modules.

Price - $47 + upsells

Website -

Creator - Mark Foster

What Is Inside The Training?

Inside the member's area, I am presented with three sections within the training.

  • Smart Money 1.0
  • Smart Money 2.0
  • Smart Money Pro
Smart Money Members Area

Smart Money 1.0

The first module covers how you can become an Amazon affiliate. You are given a somewhat generic PDF document which talks you through the process of:

  • choosing a niche
  • setting up a website
  • creating content
  • using affiliate links
  • and so on and so forth

It's this clear to me that the PDF about how to become an Amazon affiliate is a rather generic PLR product and is somewhat vague and broad in its terminology.

Content does give you a good overview of what it takes to be an Amazon affiliate, but there is virtually no actionable content just very vague and broad overview, nothing else.

Many relevant topics are rounded up in just a few pages or a few hundred words and aspects of affiliate marketing, which should be covered with two hour-long over the shoulder tutorial at a minimum, are covered in less than a few hundred words.

This gives you an indication of the vague nature of this training material.

Let me give you an example.

In chapter 7, the training discusses "Creating Product-oriented Content". Unfortunately, the PDF does so in only 1000 words with the same kind of vague and generic advice.

This will not help anybody, other than being a brief introduction to the concept of creating good quality content, because I could easily do a one hour over the shoulder training module just on the user intent behind the content of a product review.

I could then do another hour long over the shoulder video training on the keyword research, followed by another hour about how to structure your blog post, and so on.

I could easily follow that up with 2 to 3 hour tutorial on how to actually write the content.

This gives you a good indication of how brief and borderline worthless the training within 'Smart Money Methods' is because it is just too imprecise and too nonexclusive for anybody to actually implement it.

You're also given promotional material which you can use to promote Smart Money Methods which includes:

  • sales pages
  • legal pages
  • banners
  • eBook covers
  • and so on.

This is obviously merely an attempt to get people to help sell the product by sharing this on social media because anyone who buys this will obviously not have an existing traffic source.

Why they are giving you sales pages and other promotional material I do not know because no one would be able to use them correctly, if they did then they would not have purchased 'Smart Money Methods' in the first place!

Smart Money 2.0

The second module is essentially a video version of the first module. This does sound a lot better and certainly does give a lot more value in my opinion, but it is still a very low quality.

There are 15 videos in total, but they are all very short. All of them, except one, are less than five minutes long.

As I said in the previous paragraph; you cannot summarise the entirety of being an Amazon affiliate in less than an hour because this will only lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

This training module also covers how you can utilise Instagram and YouTube, but these are equally low quality because, once again, they are summarised in just a few short videos.

Each video is roughly 4 minutes long and just gives you a brief overview of what you can use these social media networks for, but they don't give you any actionable training.

SmartMoneyMethod pdf

Smart Money 3.0

The third module within the 'Smart Money Methods' training goes into more detail about social media. There is a lot more content here with longer videos and a more detailed PDF.

This is by far the better half of the training, but it is still too generic for my liking.

You are given a long explanation about social media and why it's so powerful and why it's vital for you to use it to grow your business.

You are introduced to the ideas of automatic sharing and using infographics and so on to engage with the audience.
It is a reasonable module, but when the first two modules are so bad this one doesn't serve much purpose either.

Is The Training Any Good?

The training itself is far too generic for my liking, and you're never shown any real examples or any actionable content.

This has obviously been done so that this product can be evergreen and sold over time but this does not help the person who is trying to make money online because there is no solid training material which they can sink their teeth.

Being told you need to create a website and create content is not enough; you need to be shown how to create the site and how to create good content!

I do not think the training is good enough to warrant the price because any beginner affiliate marketer would simply get lost and would need to turn to other sources of training to try and fix their issues which would very likely contradict the training given within 'Smart Money Methods'.

This would only lead to further confusion and cause the person who is trying to make money online to make more mistakes.

SmartMoneyMethods YouTube

The sales page is filled with misleading sales claims!

Will You Make Money Using The 'Smart Money Methods'

I do not think the training provided within 'Smart Money Methods' will actually help anybody make money online.

As I said previously in this review this training module is very low quality and does not serve as a useful guideline on how to make money online.

Anyone who would try to implement anything they teach will be left confused and misguided because there is no action plan or actionable content provided. So, how is anybody meant actually to implement the strategies?

This is very similar to other product I have reviewed recently. They all promise easy money with Amazon:

Would I Recommend It?

I would not recommend you buy this product. I think my review covers why I feel this way and why an Internet marketing product of this nature should be avoided.

All the information you find inside the member's area can easily be found on YouTube for free.

There used to be a time when you could charge for that kind of information but these days unless you give actionable and over the shoulder training you can't charge people for information which is no more than an introduction to affiliate marketing.

Smart Money Methods misleading sales claims

Misleading info from sales page!

What Would I Recommend As An Alternative?

Considering the primary purpose behind Smart Money Methods is to show you how to become Amazon affiliate by creating a niche website and using social media to drive traffic to your product reviews and content I suggest the following alternative.

To create a sustainable and long-term business, you need the support of a loyal community and up-to-date and relevant training. With that in mind, I would highly recommend you give Wealthy Affiliate a try because they specialise in showing people how to create Amazon affiliate websites.

They provide weekly educational webinars, and there are hundreds of hours worth of over the shoulder tutorials which show you how to make money online. The content is actionable, and you get some real and honest training on how to generate monthly online.

I hope my honest review and demo of 'Smart Money Methods' was educational to you and you found the answers you were looking for.

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  1. I am so glad you actually bought this product and reviewed it. i can see that there is not much offered through that program.

    By making an honest review like you just did, others that are seeking for ways to make money through affiliate marketing get a clearer idea what and what not to buy.

    Thanks for sharing this product review,

  2. This was a good review because you at least bought the product. Other reviewers say “scam” but they didn’t even buy the product. As to recommending wealthy affiliate, I did try that already but I didn’t like it. I don’t think support is that good from the two owners. You are mainly relying on the other members to give you support.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I always buy everything I try, I don’t have the moral turpitude to pretend or write a misleading review about a product. 🙂

      As for Wealthy Affiliate, I have only had great support. It is what you make of it. All the information and training is right there and they have gone through some BIG updates in the last year which has made it even more helpful.

      I cover a lot of it in my case study of WA where I try to show people that the training can be trusted, but you have to work for it.

      I have also just released my own training area where I show some cool strategies and methods you can use to make money online. –

      Thanks again, and hopefully I will see you back on my site for another review!

      Stay safe!

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